Wireless Solutions

Why Wireless Networks?
Because of insufficient development and reliability of cable networks, many enterprises, especially those that have several branches over the city, feel the need in means of data links between their offices. Thus only the largest banks and federal services have an opportunity to invest construction of own corporate networks. Small and medium businesses can be satisfied by deploying of a virtual private network (VPN), i.e. such service provided by operator, by which data transmission seems to be the subscribers own, completely independent local area network. In this networks, the CPE (customer's premises equipment) encapsulates and optionally encrypts customers payload data between nodes on the network mixed up with other WAN data - all this is completely transparent to subscriber. This kind of network can very easily completely cover metropolitan city.

Who needs Wireless Network: 

- Those, who need to interconnect their office branches into a single WAN. 
- Those, to whom is unprofitable to run the cable.
- Those, who are not satisfied with quality of telephone lines. 
- Managers and experts, who need remote access to computers. 
- Those, who rent premises from other organization and does not exclude an opportunity to move to other locations. 

Features of Wireless Networks: 

- An opportunity to organize a corporate network of an enterprise with a set of remote sites.
- Standard types of network interfaces;
- A rapid connection to a network;
- Access to a network in the premise which is not equipped with communications;
- Opportunity to carry equipment while moving to another place;
- Multilevel protection from non-authorized access;
- High noise immunity;
- Free telephone number;
- only traffic payment;
- Necessity for direct visibility between the aerial of the subscriber and antenna base station.

       For companies using high speed internet connection with less traffic download we can offer valuable opportunity to choose one of our internet connection packages by limited tariffs. Network connection 190 - 400 AZN.

Limit tariffs


Packet Traffic For each 1 Gb Monthly payment
2 Mbps / Standart 20 GB 5 AZN 150 AZN
3 - 4  Mbps / Business 40 GB 5 AZN 250 AZN

Unlimited tariffs

      To get prices for unlimited tariffs please contact our sales managers.

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