Fiber Optic Internet

(Fiber to the Premises)- refers to a telecommunications system, replacing the last mile of copper to homes/businesses with fiber optic cables for delivery of broadband service. Same as FTTH, (Fiber to the Home).

Optical Internet network will allow people to use more qualitative services, high-speed and profitable Internet. This technology does not know borders. The amount of information transmitted over this network is much higher than in other networks. In other networks, volume of transmitted information is measured in megabytes and the fiber-optic network in Terra bytes.

What is different from the Fiber-optic Internet ADSL?

  • Fiber Internet
  • High Speed
  • Static Connection
  • Dynamic
  • Game experience
  • Movie pleasure
  • File sharing
  • Music pleasure
  • Picture sharing
  • ADSL
  • Fast
  • Standart
  • Static

Fiber optic (Metroethernet) internet tariffs

Tariff Connection fee Monthly fee
4 Mbps 0 AZN 15 AZN
8 Mbps 0 AZN 20 AZN
10 Mbps 0 AZN 25 AZN
14 Mbps 0 AZN 35 AZN
18 Mbps 0 AZN 40 AZN
22 Mbps 0 AZN 50 AZN
35 Mbps 0 AZN 75 AZN
50 Mbps 0 AZN 100 AZN
100 Mbps 0 AZN 200 AZN
* When connected to a fiber optic Internet cable 20 m free of charge from the company. For each additional meter of cable subscriber pays 0.50 AZN.